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Sergeant Stubby, so named for his lack of a tail, was a stray pitbull found wandering Yale campus by some soldiers there during drill.

"He learned the bugle calls, the drills, and even a modified dog salute as he put his right paw on his right eyebrow when a salute was executed by his fellow soldiers."

He was smuggled into WW1 by a soldier, and allowed to stay when he saluted the man who would later become his commanding officer.

He was sent to the trenches where he was under constant enemy fire for over a month. He was wounded in the leg by a German hand grenade, sent to a hospital to convalesce, then returned to the front lines…

After being wounded in a gas attack, Stubby developed such a sensitivity that he would run and bark and alert the other soldiers of incoming gas attacks AND artillery attacks precious seconds before they occurred, saving countless lives. A canine early warming system.

He would go into no man’s land, find wounded men, shouting in English, And stay with them, barking, until medics arrived.

He once captured a German spy.
The spy, mapping out Allied trenches, tried to call to Stubby, but Stubby got aggressive and then chased down and attacked the spy when he attempted to flee, allowing Allied soldiers to capture him.

For this he was awarded the rank of Sergeant- the first dog to do so.

After helping the Allies retake Château-Thierry in France, Sergeant Stubby was sewn a uniform by the women of the town, on which to wear his many medals.

He went on to meet multiple Presidents, dignitaries and ambassadors and become the mascot of Georgetown University football.

There is nothing about this that is not magical.

Where’s the Stubby movie?!

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From Modern Dog magazine - Winter 2013


IT'S HAPPENING--tumblr secret santa for pets

For all the fluffy Tumblr friends!


If you have a pet you should participate. HUGE thank you to muchadoaboutteaching for taking the initiative on this!

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Trips to Sonic are the bestest!


Kelani, I want your life.


Kelani Barely Contains His Exuberance on the Osprey at Pt Judith/Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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newborn dogs are puppies. year old dogs are puppies. wheezy, arthritic dogs are puppies. all dogs are puppies

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He’s a proper little gentleman.


I’ve got ice cream and two instant friends. (Technically three, but Wrigley was covering me from the left.)